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Presentation Management

Organize & Build your Company’s slide library. Disseminate up-to-date slides to your executive teams so they can create better presentations faster than PowerPoint alone.

Presentation Composer

Create better custom presentations on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and iPad faster than PowerPoint. Search slide library to find choice slides. Share your presentation with a call to action

iPad App | Epoch Presentation
Epoch Presentation iPad App works offline and online with full access to the Company’s slide library. Create better presentation by searching and reusing choice slides for the current opportunities.

Timely PowerPoint presentation management generates team success results. This is because all slides are up-to-date, meets compliance guidelines and available for your teams.

Distribute PowerPoint presentations securely across global teams and provide instant updates among multiple presentation decks. Empower teams to create a better presentation for each opportunity.

Use Epoch Slide to collaborate with slide library administrators and content managers for creating your Company’s slide library.
Presenters can compose, set expiration date and share a custom presentation with prospects and clients. Build Better Presentations than the current method.

Compose Presentations and share with colleagues, prospects, and clients. Build a better PowerPoint presentations by using company approved slides and presentations.

You have on-demand access to the latest slides and presentations that you easily customize for your current opportunity.

The best presentation for this opportunity “wins the deal”!


Use Epoch Slide to create better presentations faster than the current method. Epoch slide was designed from the ground for creating PowerPoint presentations at incredible speed with 100% content and compliance accuracy.

Epoch Presentation Composer is a “killer tool” for building custom presentations. Answer your current opportunity faster and more accurately than your competitor to with the deal.