About Web Epoch

Web Epoch Interactive Inc. is celebrating 25 years in business. Our clients leverage our expertise in digital marketing using the web and mobile applications we develop for them.  We use leading-edge technologies to automate your business process so your company generates more business opportunities.

We create compelling interactive solutions that show measurable results for your ROI. We can simply deliver more value for your dollar than if you try to do it in-house as a “homegrown” application. Our web and mobile application development services include;

  • web application development
  • iOS iPhone & iPad App development
  • Android App development
  • HTML 5 Apps for iPad, iPhone, Tablets, and smart mobile devices
  • automating your business process that increases operational productivity
  • explainer videos on how your products & services works
  • 3D Design, 3D Models & Render, 3D Fly-over, 3D Walk-through, 3D Printing

Rajiv Prasad is providing custom solutions for presentations since 1995. Mr. Prasad was using Compel before PowerPoint was released. Mr. Prasad provided a custom solution in PowerPoint using visual basic to allow a cube to be rotated with interactive click points on each face. We developed custom Flash interactive eLearning applications to deliver PowerPoint® slide decks on CD-ROMs way back in 2003.

We started developing Epoch® Slide for PowerPoint in 2009 and continue to enhance our application for clients such as NASA, Ricoh, and others.

Epoch® Slide Presentation Management for PowerPoint Slide Library

Eliminate manual slide update headache and reduce time significantly by using Epoch® Slide to organize, update and manage the company's slide library in a secure online centralized location. Empower your teams across the enterprise to search for "choice slides" and create better presentations fast.