Presentation Management System Developing for 10+ Years

The best-kept secret is how the company is leveraging technology to automate its business process. Using technology to increase productivity in every aspect of your business is more critical today than ever before.

In this article, I will cover technologies leveraged in marketing and sales to close more deals. Over the past decade, the technology for Presentation Management, digital asset management, and content marketing has developed rapidly.

Epoch® Slide Presentation Management for PowerPoint slide library solves a crucial pain point for medium and large multi-national corporations. Corporations, as well as training and management consulting firms, have accumulated thousands of PowerPoint spreads across hundreds of presentation decks. They rely on these PowerPoint slides for communication throughout their organization, business partners, and clients.

Executives in a corporation rely on effective communication using PowerPoint presentations for everything from marketing and sales to annual meetings and more. Training and management consulting firms that cater to those large corporations use PowerPoint slides for effective communication while delivering them courseware. A small consulting firm of 15 can have 3,000 slides and require a specialized tool to manage those slides and presentations while keeping them up to date. Epoch® Slide makes this daunting task easy.

Applications such as SharePoint, FTP, shared drive and email are poor tools for managing thousands of slides. Since are not designed as presentation management systems, they only create clutter and difficult to access.

Imagine having to update 50 new slides recently created across 100 or 200 presentation decks with a library of 3,000 to 5,000 slides.

You would copy the required individual or groups of slides, open the target PowerPoint file, and paste it into each presentation deck. Then, you would have to repeat the same procedure hundreds of times, opening each presentation deck, deleting old slides, and pasting the new slides in the correct order.

This manual process is boring, extremely laborious, and time-consuming. It can easily take a week or more to complete this slide update task.  Even after the slide update procedure is complete, you need to disseminate these PowerPoint presentation decks throughout the organization. Otherwise, you’re stuck using old and obsolete technology for managing PowerPoint slides.

Now, imagine that Epoch Slide Presentation Management for PowerPoint that has an intelligent Slide Library you search by keyword. Once you find the right slides, you use the Epoch Composer to quickly create custom presentations. Administrators can automate this slide update process to save 80% of the required time.

Since the users have access to all approved slides, they only need to search, find and reorder the slides for their presentations. They do not have to deal with design and braiding because these are already in place with final content ready to use.

The CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, and sales executives can search the Slide Library using keywords to find choice slides, assemble their custom presentations in the desired order, and download them to deliver their messages.

Here are twelve ways Presentation Management System can increase productivity for your organization.

  1. the centralized location of the company’s PowerPoint slide library
  2. instantly updates slides across multiple decks.
  3. no more slide update administrative headaches.
  4.  intelligent Slide Library with a powerful search
  5. quickly creates custom presentations with Epoch Composer
  6. no need to create slides
  7. use desktop, laptop, or iPad app to create a custom presentation.
  8. share a presentation link with an expiration date
  9. you preserve the branding by prohibiting changes to slides.
  10. embed videos and animation
  11. leverage the power of reuse slides to increase productivity
  12. reuse modules to create courseware faster

Epoch Slide Presentation Management System increases your executive team’s productivity when creating custom presentations. This leads ultimately helps close more deals. Professional Training companies can use Epoch Slide to quickly build custom courseware quicker than PowerPoint alone.