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PowerPoint Slide Management

PowerPoint Slide Management for a Competitive Edge

The PowerPoint slide library is the core of the presentation management system that let administrators be the hero. You meticulously organize and tag each slide so your team can find and build great presentations.

  • sales enablement
  • online slide library 24x7x365
  • tag PowerPoint slides with keywords
  • users search slides by keywords
  • users build presentation anytime
  • build custom presentations faster
  • share with clients and prospects
  • gain competitive edge


Presentation Management Solutions

Sales, Marketing, Corporate Communication, Training

With Epoch Slide™ Library you can distribute your presentation decks, slides, and documents efficiently throughout your organization in real-time. Provide your sales and speaker teams with latest approved slides.

Use Epoch Slide™ Composer to search, find, use and re-use choice slides to create better custom presentations fast.

  • sales enablement
  • power of re-using slides
  • users have latest aproved slides
  • department level access
  • create custom presentations fast
  • share with clients and prospects with expiry date

Composer Presentation Builder

The Power of Reuse

By using preapproved slides and content, you can concentrate on building a better presentation using choice slides. You don’t have to waste time creating sides or even asking colleagues if they have one. A better way is to organize your company’s entire slide library in a presentation management system. Then provide on-demand presentation builder tool that is super easy to use.

  • build personal favorite slide ibrary
  • reuse slides to build presentation faster
  • uses access latest approved slides
  • users gain momentium and competitive edge
  • reduce learning curve
  • create better presentation


Reuse Favorite Slides

Reenforce Branding

Strengthen your brand by allowing re-use of the approved slides for your current marketing initiatives. Empower your groups to work smarter with an on-demand reusable PowerPoint Slide slide library. Your organization will increase productivity and reduce overall operation cost when users are creating custom business presentations.

  • preserve branding
  • access to latest approved slides
  • make slides editable or non-editable
  • re-use slides
  • update slides and decks easily

Slide Properties

Gain Executives Advantage

Busy executives gain an advantage when making custom presentations with Epoch Slide™ because they can leverage these leading-edge features:

  • Super easy to create custom presentation
  • Super easy to manage and update slides
  • quickly start creating a presentation
  • low-cost entry point with SaaS and Enterprise
  • drag & drop presentation builder
  • search slides by keywords
  • create & download PowerPoint presentations
  • save your presentation for later use
  • modify saved presentations and reuse

iPad Presentation Builder App

User Activity Report for Efficiency & ROI

Administrators prefer Epoch Slide™ because they can leverage these features to eliminate presentation update headaches.

  • easy administration for internal and external users
  • presentation composer
  • users, groups, roles and permissions
  • upload multiple decks
  • update content and distribute instantly!
  • version control for compliance
  • single sign-on
  • slide intelligence
  • iPad App
  • Mobile
  • HTML 5 Tablets

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