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Presentation Time Line

A Timeline of Presentation Management Solution for PowerPoint Slide Library Content

Presentation Management Solution


For Merrimac Industries Marketing department, I created an interactive PowerPoint slide using Visual Basic to embed a 3D cube with data. On the cube surface, there was interactive information on the four targeted industries; Aerospace, Military, Government, and others.

I created Annual Meeting Presentations for the CEO, Marketing Presentations for the VP of Marketing, Financial Presentations and Annual Reports for the CFO.


Starting about 2001 to about 2005 client’s slide decks were distributed on both CD-ROMs and the Web as hybrid solutions. Initially, it was 1000s CD-ROMs with auto-extracting executable files that copied the content to the user’s desktop. Later we started using Flash movies embedded in web pages to do the same, deliver slides and presentations to physician faculties and thought leaders. The next stage was to create a platform for providing a centralized library so users can access anywhere anytime.

For a short while, the Web page complimented the CD-ROM, but web applications are preferred because of less expensive to distribute corporate slides.


During 2005, we developed “Esource” that evolved from a CD-ROM application to a Web application for distributing custom presentation decks for speaker support, thought leaders and faculty physicians in the pharmaceutical industry.


Realizing there is a need for a better way for managing and disseminating PowerPoint® presentations and slides, in late 2007 we began the phase one developed of Epoch SlideTM from the ground up and complete a beta 1.0 in 2008.


Epoch SlideTM development starts with a new team of senior developers and a more precise vision for an improved intelligent slide and presentation management system.


Epoch Slide 2.0 launches with great success. By year-end, the monthly average show over 2,500 active users. Epoch Slide localization is used for Portuguese and Spanish for a client in Latin America.

Web Epoch signs up Pipeline as Reseller in California.


Epoch Slide 3.0 is released with support for PDF, Doc(x), Xls(x) and SWF. We are very proud to announce that Epoch Slide reaches a milestone with over 80,000 slides downloaded.


Epoch Slide 3.5 released with support for users, groups, roles and permission management

Web Epoch releases Epoch PadTM and Epoch PlayTM for iPad, iPhone, Tablets and smart devices supporting HTML5.

2013 (TBA)

Epoch SlideTM, Presentation PadTM, and Epoch PlayTM is a suite of software and services for creating custom PowerPoint presentation with video and slide library management available for desktop & mobile Internet browsers including iPad & HTML 5 Tablets.

2014 – Epoch Slide™ gets interests from Professional Training Firms.